Marine Corps Base Hawaii on the Mōkapu Peninsula

Marine Corps Base Hawaii

on the Mōkapu Peninsula

Celebrating the history, beauty, and people of the Mōkapu Peninsula!


Striking photography

throughout the book

Capturing the beauty of the peninsula's beaches, the historic district, the monuments, and much more.


Maps &


To bring Mōkapu's history to life!


The stories behind

the names

Who were the buildings, athletic fields, and streets named after and why are they honored?






photos, maps & illustrations


beautiful HARD-COVERED book to grace your coffee table

Between the covers…

Chapter 1: A Place of History

From Mōkapu's emergence from the Pacific during the Honolulu Volcanic Series to the early Hawaiians to December 7 aboard NAS, Kaneohe Bay and more!

Chapter 2: A Place of Beauty

From the elegant Pacific War Memorial to the displays of military aircraft & equipment to the gorgeous beaches to MCB Hawaii's historic district – there is much to catch the eye!

Chapter 3: A Place of Names

The peninsula is full of buildings, streets, athletic fields and other locations named after famous (and not so famous) people. Who were they and what did they do to earn the honor?

Chapter 4: A Peninsular Compendium

The answers to many of your questions regarding the Mōkapu Peninsula. What kind of bird is that? What is the name of that peak? What are the PROPER names for the bays, beaches, mountains, and other points of interest?

Two Versions

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Standard Coffee Table Book


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  • Large, 11 1/2 inches x 11 1/2 inches format
  • Four chapters, 160 pages, over 200 photos, maps, and illustrations
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Departure Gift Special


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The reviews are in!

From P. M.

From P. M.

Much more than an excellent history of the military installation [c. 1930s–present] Marine Corps Base Hawaii on the Mōkapu Peninsula (separating Kailua & Kāne‘ohe Bays) is well designed & richly illustrated and includes significant archaeological & cultural history as well. Recommended!

From T. F.

From T. F.

Ray Rippel has captured the beauty and the history of Mokapu with stunning original photographs and meticulous research. His reconstruction of December 7, 1941 at Naval Air Station, Kaneohe Bay is the best I've read.

From I. A.

From I. A.

From the moment you read the introduction it is apparent that this is a different kind of book, written by a person with intimate knowledge of a special place. It’s not a dry, history book. It’s not a travel guide. And yet, it is both. There is history in it and it is very well researched using maps, photographs, reports and interviews, but it’s also very personal. It’s an invitation to scratch beneath the surface to understand what is all around, especially for people who live and work on the Marine Corps Base Hawaii on the Mokapu Peninsula.

About the author


Ray Rippel is a retired soldier, aviator, about-to-become-retired civil servant, photographer, and writer. He has worked aboard the Mōkapu Peninsula for twenty-five years. He is the author of several articles for the Hawaii Marine and of the book Planning Your Thru-Hike of the John Muir Trail. Ray lives with his wife, Kathleen, in Kailua. They split their time between Hawai‘i and their home in Reno, Nevada.

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